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Before looking for the best vaporizer, let us explain what is a vaporizer and vaporizing. Vaporizing is a healthy, clean, smart and smooth way of consuming herbs. There are two main types of vaporizers, namely portable vaporizers, with their subcategory, vape pen, and desktop vaporizers. If you want to buy a vaporizer, first you have to consider where you will choose it, on the go or at home, so you will choose from portable and desktop vaporizers.

Regarding vaping concentrates, you will have to choose a high-quality vaporizer that makes a difference in non-smoking experience, with a greater temperature control.
There are many vaporizers to pick from, and many well-known American producers and international brands like Storz & Bickel which created Volcano and other digital vaporizers. The top of American products are those from VaporGenie LLC and Medicali Glass.
If you look for a small vaporizer, choose V2Pro Series 3, able to vaporize all kinds of materials, such as waxes, oils and dry herbs. It is durable, easy-to-use and cost-effective, has different colors. MigVapor Matrix is the capable of vaporizing dry herbs and concentrates, is nearly-indestructible device, reliable for long time. Pax 3 is more expensive as it has an unmatched built quality, performance and durability. Firefly 2 is a luxury vaporizer, for the vaping of dry herbs and dabs, having the best heating system on the market.

MigVapor DRE vaporizer has a high-tech Quartz heating system and is a reliable herbal vaporizer.
Smoking is out with vaporizers and vaping is in with the best vaporizer. In order to prioritize the health of the lungs, the herbal vaporizers use a new way of comfort without inhaling carcinogen smoke. Then portable vaporizers seem to be preferred to the desktop ones, as the portable ones can be used anywhere, are smaller, lighter and more powerful. In 2017, the market of vaporizer has increasingly flourished; there are new models of vaporizers, as we are living in a tech-forward era, with many burdens, and the legal climate which is changing.

Theat is why the producers are searching for finding the best flavors, unprecedented precision, safety and efficiency. There are some to take into account: size needs to be small, ideal for small budgets and on-the go concentrate enthusiasts. As far as portability is concerned, we talked above that preferred for their discretion and portability, portable vaporizers are perfect. The effects have to be of high-quality, as one may noticed that CO2 oil in cartridge pens offers different effects, the high effects is more cerebrally and with fewer body effects, although these sensations vary across brands. Oils are diluted with propylene glycol, a solvent to achieve consistency for vaping.

Vaporizers like a pen or stylus are more popular, because they have a cheap battery and CO2 oil hits smoothly and is lasting. The large vaporizers that are plug into a power source are ideal for medical patients, homes and flavor enthusiasts. These vaporizers which are used only at home are likely to be a table-top vaporizer, because they are big, and depend on wall outlet. They have a hose mouthpiece to fill with the vapor for you to inhale at own pace.

These are stationary vaporizers. These devices are more expensive as they use the most advanced technology among vaporizers, although the prices are high, these offer precise and adjustable temperature control. The user may choose the cheaper variant, but it make a taste like burnt popcorn, so please choose the best price to offer flower natural aroma. About portable vaporizers, these consist of any vaporizer not being plugged into the wall. These devices benefit from discreteness. The best portable vaporizers have to be small enough to carry around, to be easier to slip into the pocket and travel with. So any user can have a quick session anywhere and move to new locations. The only disadvantage is battery, their output is lower, and cannot vaporize concentrates so well.

If the consumers need best vaporizers, of course they have to take all above mentioned things into account. There are many things to reflect if vaporizers are or are not the best, it can be a matter of choice, but it depends on the forms of the units, on the fulfilled effects, and on many other details. The term ‘the best’ vaporizer is a general term, as any customer needs a very good device, but there are so many options to choose from, that is why the customers have to be well informed, to decide what to purchase, for what purposes they need the devices and be ready to pay for all the functions of the vaporizers, so the customers will have the best needed vaporizer to use this for a long time and for the best relaxing purposes.

Volcano Vaporizer Review

The now-legendary Volcano Vaporizer by the German company Storz and Bickel is the world’s best, top of the line herbal vaporizer. There are two main models of the Volcano – the Classic Volcano Vaporizer, and the Digital Volcano Varporizer. Both offer the same extremely high quality manufacturing and materials, and both come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. For a premium, powerful, smoke-free experience, get a Classic Volcano Vaporizer or Digital Volcano Vaporizer today for dry herbs vaporizer.

Volcano Vaporizer Features:

-No smoke is ever produced. Temperature is always tightly controlled
-Tars are virtually eliminated
-Get 75% more active ingredient intake, versus smoking!
-Balloons included, and last for years
-3 Year Warranty
-Stainless Steel housing
-Patented heat exchanger technology
-Temperature Range is 266°F – 446°F (130°C – 230°C)
-Hand crafted in Germany
-Each Volcano Vaporizer set comes with literally everything you need to get started vaping today!
-Buy your Volcano Vaporizer from here – the best online resource for vaporizers and parts.

We give the Volcano Vaporizer models (both the Classic and Digital) 5 stars for quality of product, ease of use, purity of application and inhalation, and durability. If you’re looking for a small, cheap, pass-around-the-campfire type of vaporizer, this is obviously not the one for you (browse a site like for plenty more choices to fit your lifestyle). We’ve scoured the web and beyond, for vaporizers both big and small, cheap and expensive, and in this case, the old adage holds true: you really do get (more than) what you pay for, when you go for a Volcano Vaporizer. The Volcano is a top-of-the-line model that, over the last 11 years, has gained ground and become the unofficial heavyweight vaporizer of the world! It’s been featured in various movies and documentaries such as Super High Me, and in magazines like the uber-notorious High Times.

Worth the Investment!
From our review of the Volcano as compared to similar and mostly cheaper models out there, it really is worth the investment. If you had to chose just one Vaporizer, nothing comes close to the efficiency, purity and power of the Volcano. If you want a long-term, long lasting product that will support your vaporizing lifestyle for years and years to come, don’t settle for less! Furthermore, one of our favorite points about the Vaporizer is that you get much, much more extraction out of your source herbs than if you burn them. This will help you get more for your money for years and years to come. The Vaporizer definitely pays for itself over time.

How To Use The Volcano
Both Volcano models are super easy to operate (and enjoy)! Simply:
1. turn on the Volcano
2. set the temperature (using the buttons on the Digital, or the dial on the Classic)
3. fill the chamber with your choice of herbal blend
4. attach the balloon/bag to the top of the chamber with the included valve
5. push the green button on the front to pump the hot air through the herbs to fill the balloon with sweet, delicious vapor
6. Disconnect the balloon, connect the mouthpiece, inhale and enjoy!
7. Don’t forget to pass it around!

How the Volcano Vaporizer Works
The Volcano heats up the herbs to the point right before combustion / fire, then it carries the “important” ingredients inside the vapor, into the balloon for inhaling.

One of our favorite things about the Volcano is that since the vapor produced is at least 95% carcinogen-free, the Volcano is the vaporizer of choice for medical marijuana studies and pharma research.

Volcano Vaporizer Models – Which One is Right for You?
Both models, the Classic Volcano and the Digital Volcano, each come with the choice of one of the following valve sets: the Solid Valve Set, and the Easy Valve Set.

From existing customer reviews out there, the Classic Volcano Vaporizer with Solid Valve Set ranked the best for ease of use. The Solid Valve set allows for several hits off of each balloon fill. Also, the vapor in each fill is good for a full 8 hours. Learn More…

Where You Should Buy Your Volcano Vaporizer
There are a lot of places out there that offer the Volcano Vaporizer for sale, and here are just a few reasons that we’ve chosen to recommend as the best resource to purchase your Volcano:

-They’re the top internet retail site for vaporizers…in the world!
-The founders are vaporizers themselves; they wholeheartedly believe in the education and awareness of vaporizing.
-They offer expert advice and education, vaporizers and parts & accessories for sale, and they repair vaporizers, too.
-Their customer service is kick-ass! They really know what they’re talking about, and they take their gigs seriously.
-They’ve been around for 10 years…they’re not going anywhere.
-They’ve got an outstanding rating with the Better Business Bureau.