white widow cannabis strain flower

White Widow Marijuana Strain is an indica strain!

It’s possible that you’ve heard the term White Widow before, when it was one of the most popular strains of cannabis in Europe, according to press stories. However, although it has taken some time for this strain to make a successful return, it has established something of a fan base in the meanwhile. This indica strain is well-known for producing a powerful body high while still having moderate cerebral effects, making it perfect for relaxing without causing excessive drowsiness.

White Widow is also known for its exceptional hardiness, which is surprising given how simple it is to cultivate this plant both inside and outdoors. When cultivated properly, it may yield two harvests each year, which is very common. Green House Seeds developed the White Widow strain, which is a hybrid between Brazilian and South Indian sativa as well as a mystery indica from the island of Sri Lanka.


cannabis strain flower
cannabis strain flower

Originally created by South African breeders, the South Indian Skunk #1 x South Indian indica hybrid was introduced to the United States market by Robert Stein of Green House Seeds. White Widow is a large, heavy-set plant that grows to a height of about 4 feet (1.2 meters). It has remarkable side branching and very thick buds, and it may be rather difficult to cultivate.

At one time, White Widow was prized for its flavor and aroma; however, the real “white” in the plant’s name referred to the plant’s white-tinted hairs rather than the plant’s overall coloring. This strain, on the other hand, has evolved significantly over time, leading some initial users to voice displeasure with the resultant hybrid strain.

In many respects, White Widow is the best marijuana strain for first-time growers because of its ease of cultivation. It is not too fussy about where it grows and will flourish both inside and out. Because of its aggressive growing tendencies, it can absorb nutrients rapidly and produce large yields of fruit. It is said that this strain is so robust that it could withstand a nuclear explosion!

Potential Positive Effects

White Widow is full of THC (21% or higher), with some samples testing even higher, making it a good choice for severe pain relief. It also alleviates nausea as well as muscle spasms in many patients. This strain may work well for depression and anxiety symptoms as well.

The White Widow strain becomes quite potent after only a few weeks of regular use. Users who start off with small amounts (less than half) have reported the effects gradually increasing over the course of their first month of usage. When used daily, this strain will provide relief for up to 40 hours before becoming much less effective, making it ideal for early or late afternoon use.

Despite its heavy THC content, White Widow strains tend to be fairly sedating in nature, making them perfect for social situations or relaxing after a long day at work. These effects are further accentuated by the presence of CBD (1-5% and CBN (2%). The combination of these cannabinoids makes it possible for some users to function normally during their high.

Potential Negative Effects of White Widow Strain

Now, one thing you should know about White Widow is that this strain can be quite powerful. For beginners or those who aren’t used to consuming such high amounts of THC it could leave you feeling stoned and struggling to stay functional. There’s also the chance that its long-lasting effects will cause some users to experience anxiety, paranoia and a lack of appetite.

Those who are prone to seizures should avoid this strain as its CBD content can be high enough to cause convulsions in some people. However, many experienced users have reported that it has no such side effects for them. It should also be mentioned that those with a history of heart conditions should avoid anything with this strain due to the fact that it is high in THC and can cause heart palpitations if consumed regularly.

Best Place to buy White Widow Marijuana Strain

vape shop
vape shop

Indica Online Seeds’ White Widow strain has been referred to as “a powerhouse” by many customers that have purchased from them. In fact, a majority of recipients have experienced harshness and paranoia rather than any mellow effects. The strain shows signs of being quite sativa-dominant when grown outdoors, but indoors its flowering phase is mostly indica-dominant and tends to produce short, fattened buds that are covered in crystals.

One of the most popular online sources for White Widow marijuana seeds is Green House Seeds. They have a lot of different strains that are available in feminized or regular seed form. You can also direct order some seeds from them so you can grow them yourself, and they’ll ship it directly to your address no matter what state you are in in the US.

White widow buds are picturesque at their best, with a strong mix of spicy, woody and earthy flavors that make for a truly unique experience. A robust high accompanies many users, but not quite enough to account for its legendary potency. However, many patients have found that it is well worth the risk to try this strain since all reported positive results.

White Widow Strain for Recreation Tips

White Widow grows well indoors in virtually any environment and is an excellent option for first-time gardeners. Aside from its versatility, it is particularly popular among experienced gardeners because of its hardiness, which enables many farmers to produce two harvests each year. When grown outdoors, this strain is best suited for climates with a lengthy growing season, since it has the potential to grow very tall and spread out if left uncontrolled.

This strain thrives in an environment with lots of natural light and does not fare well when starved of oxygen. Since the buds may get sticky with resin even before harvest time, it’s critical to give plenty of cooling as well as air movement and filtration if the plant is cultivated indoors.

Large center colas that are coated in thick resin glands are characteristic of White Widow’s flowering phase most of the time. Harvesting is only advised after the buds have started to turn a vibrant shade of red.

This indica strain is going to rock your world, making it perfect for relaxing without causing excessive drowsiness. Remember: prefer a dry herb vaporizer or make an edible over smoking so you avoid the harms of combustion. Happy vaping!