vaping a dry herb vaporizer


A dry herb vaporizer, generally known as a dry herb vape, is used to vaporize substances for inhalation. It can heat herbs and other substances until they release their active components into a vapor that is then inhaled—plants examples include tobacco, cannabis, and some of them can vaporize different essential oil blends as CBD oil. A vaporizer can also be filled with glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and tetrahydrocannabinol, a liquid solution.

dry herb vaporizer Airvape Legacy
dry herb vaporizer Airvape Legacy

A vaporizer has different types of chambers used for extraction: Venturi, Straight bore, sequential venturi, and metal or glass as part of their makeup. The harmful effects of smoking reduce when a vaporizer is used. Both smoking and vaporizing create many toxic substances that are unhealthy and harmful to human health.  Still, while the burning of herbs destroys a large quantity of the active compounds, the vaporizer utilizes the hot airflow to extract the actives compounds from plant materials and the vapor created is tar free.

The different types of vaporizers are a) Electric vaporizer, (b) Portable Electric powered vaporizer, (c) Portable or glass vaporizer.

  • A) Electric vaporizer: It is the most available vaporizer. This type of vaporizers is used to power a heat gun or a heating element; the temperature is adjusted digitally or by an analog dial. Some model’s direct airflow through the herbs, which feels up a balloon, while others require the user to generate airflow by inhaling through a tube. Herbs are heated either by convection and conduction. In conduction, the herbs are placed on a metal plate and heated. The direct contact of the metal and the herbs leads to conduction; it is not always applied in a modern-day vaporizer. A typical example of a vaporizer that uses this method is the BC vaporizer. In convection, the flow of hot air passes through the plant material. Most vaporizers use heat guns, but this is not advisable because it can put chemicals from plastics, rubbers, and metals from the gun.
  • B) Portable Electric powered vaporizer:  It combines the usability of the electric vaporizer with the portability of small non-electric models. The MAGIC FLIGHT LAUNCH BOX uses a single AA battery and converts it to infrared heating. It is faster than most electric vaporizers.
  • C) Portable (glass) vaporizer: The two major examples of this type of vaporizer are Eagle Bill’s shake & vape and Vapbong & the Vapo 2. It uses a lighter as a heat source. This vaporizer produces good quality vapor, which can be taken anywhere.

The vaporizer is made up of the following parts (1) The MOD or Device (2) The Tank (3) The Battery (4) The Atomizer (5) The Coils (6) The E-Liquid (7) The Wicks.

  1. The Mod or Device: This component is for people who want to build their vape from scratch. It is a self-contained device with built-in atomizers and tanks that can be removed and replaced at any time.
  2. The Atomizer: It is the most important part of a vape; it is also heat resistant and turns liquid to vapor. It may come as a separate part or be built in a tank.
  3. The Battery: It is what powers the vaporizer, and they are rechargeable; lithium batteries are the best because they are rechargeable. Keeping battery safety in mind is important because dealing with batteries can be dangerous.
  4. The Tank: This is the component where the e-liquids are stored. It is also called the Cartridge. Because of its adjustable airflow, it can alter the vaping experience. It is refillable too,
  5. The Coils: This part of the vape is also referred to as THE ATOMIZER HEAD. Pressing the vape button makes the coils begin to power and heat up.
  6. The E-Liquids: It comes with all sorts of options and flavors, for example, fruity flavor, menthol, and tobacco flavors. Without the e-liquids, there will be no vapor. It is poured into the tank, heated, and vaporized. Popularly called vape juice, you can manage the amount of nicotine in your flavor because some e-juice comes with a very high amount of nicotine.
  7. The Wicks: This part of the vaporizer is used to draw the e-liquid into coils so that it can be heated up and vaporized.

A Dry Herb Vaporizer

dry herb vaporizer
dry herb vaporizer

A dry herb vaporizer is a small handheld device used to safely enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis and other types of herbs. It is a new type of vaporizer. It is a small battery-operated device that vaporizes and decarboxylates cannabis flowers.

The vape heats up the dry cannabis plant till the terpenes and cannabinoids are released to be inhaled in a gas form. It does not use oil or liquid cartridges, which sometimes contain additives or harmful toxins. It is good to use a dry herb vaporizer because it is believed that it gives cannabis a more appealing taste, and it has lesser smoke and smell, it is less toxic, it reduces the effects it on the lungs, mouth, and throat, which is caused by excessive high heat. Read more about how to use a weed vaporizer.

Dry herb vaporizer has its disadvantages too, they are (a) It has weaker medication delivery (b) It is not cost-friendly (this means it is sometimes expensive), technology use barriers.

There are various factors to look into when trying to buy a dry herb vaporizer which includes

  • Convenience: consider your needs when making your option
  • Heating Method: It entails choosing between convection and conduction vaporizers, keeping in mind that convection vaporizers are sometimes expensive.
  • Vaporizer Design: The mouthpiece being an important part of the dry herb vaporizer, is used for inhalation and has different sizes for comfort and preference.


dry herb vaporizer
dry herb vaporizer

1) Fold a piece of paper to the middle to be used as funnel

2) Place the paper on the heating chamber and pour your ground herbs inside the crease.

3) Pour the herb inside the paper on the chamber slowly. The herb is usually packed light because if it is too tight, it will restrict airflow and lead to less efficient vaping.

4) Select the temperature: The ideal temperature for vaporizing is 375-410°F. If it gets to 235°C, the herbs will burn.

The processes to maintain a dry herb vaporizer are 1) Filter Screen: To clean it when blocked, unscrew the mouthpiece, remove the screen and shake for some minutes; once the particles are removed, rinse under warm water and put back the mouthpiece(2)Mouthpiece: You can clean the mouthpiece like the filter screen, or you can put a small cloth in alcohol and use it to clean the mouthpiece, rinse under warm water and put back.